About Sören Berger

Soren Berger has been a woodturning artist for over 40 years. His studio is based in New Brighton, Christchurch. He is regarded as one of the leaders of his craft not only here in New Zealand, but also overseas.

In my 40 years of full-time studio woodturning, traveling and teaching I have come to see that woodturners are experiencing a rediscovery of a very ancient art.

Modern woodturning has some new materials and technologies which make the processes quicker and more pleasant. But when it comes to the way to get the best results from our tools and raw material then there are very few skills and disciplines that have not already been developed by the masters of many cultures hundreds of years ago.

My interest over the last decade has been focused on teaching wood turners to understand in detail the actual turning process. This develops the ability to make sensitive and beautiful objects.

I have over many years had a fascination with the simplicity with which the Japanese woodturners work, they do without many of the rather tight rigid tools and processes. On my first trip to the USA in 1993, I came in contact with John Fox who introduced me to the gentle ways of Japanese woodturning. They use free moving tool rests sliding on a flat table rather than a restrictive fixed bed, this freedom of movement can teach us new skills. The simplicity of both the way they work and the things they make, have had a strong influence on my work and teaching.

My current focus is my passion to develop tools and products that enable everybody to create beautiful objects with ease of use.

I encourage you to have a look around my site at the tools I produce and sell and the demonstration videos of their use.


Sören Berger