“At last, I have my name back! I have my business back!” 

    To explain...

    The business of ‘Sören Berger Tools’ was from the beginning a partnership between myself, Sören Berger, as creator and designer, and an engineering company, who handled the manufacture and marketing of the product.

    Over the last few years this partnership has broken down causing much frustration and difficulty. During this time I could not get influence or access to mail or business, although it was operating under my name.

    I have finally achieved resolution with the parties concerned and have bought the partner out.  

    I now have full control of the website which bears my name / and all business.

    To my valued clients I apologize for any lack of performance in the past and I can assure you I will give honest, efficient service in the future.

    You can contact me at to order tools,  or if you have a question or want to discuss anything you can email me at

    Or contact me on Facebook at Soren Berger/Woodturning.

    I look forward to doing business with you.


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    • Richard Clements says...

      Dear Soren,

      I am interested in purchasing your golden mean calipers, although i cannot find out either how long the calipers are or the greatest width that they expand to. It would be a great help if you could give me that information.


      Richard Clements

      On November 13, 2013

    • nils luderowski says...

      order # 1020 you need my address!

      On October 29, 2013

    • nils luderowski says...

      I just placed an order (#1020) you did not ask for my address!

      Ship to office
      Luderowski Architect
      PO Box 52
      Keene Valley NY 12943

      Or to my home

      11128 NYS Route 9N
      Keene NY 12942

      On October 29, 2013

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